Marching Band Termonology

The Season... Our Purpose!

The season is our time to put the show together, learn the drill and music, and work on performing. We serve many roles:

  • Support at football games 
  • spirit at pep assemblies and events
  • A competing band at competitions.

We do not compete to collect trophies- although we have accumulated quite the collections - we compete to do the best we can, be part of a wonderful activity and to grow as musicians, performers, and people. We strive to do our best and to make each show better and better. You will see many changes throughout the fall as we add more to the show, learn more drills, change things, and work to perfect what we have. We also take feedback from judges each weekend and try to make the band show as effective as we can. We strive to make each season better than the last, so we have daily goals, weekly goals and season goals. We have long term goals that span many years. This is a continual process of improvement and we are always trying to do our best.

At competitions, we are evaluated by judges in several categories:

  • Music Performance - individually and as a group
  • Visual Performance - Individually ans as a group
  • Effect - Music and Visual: what we do in terms of creating emotion, excitement, and balance to our story ad music on the field

 What Takes Place:

  • Weekly color guard sectionals
  • Weekly drum line sectionals
  • Wind Spring Rehearsals
  • July Rehearsal Week
  • Pre-Camp at MHS
  • Band Camp at Camp Tamarack in Ortonville, MI
  • School starts- regular Tuesday & Thursday rehearsals begin

Pre-season is everything from the time we have our Official Kick-Off Meeting in April until the first performance in the fall. This is the critical time of the year when the color guard and drum line begin training in sectionals—this occurs in May and continues through the summer until Pre-Camp. The winds have two Spring Rehearsals just before school gets out for the summer so that we can welcome all new members,get instruments taken care of, and get the basic plan together. We also share what music we have for the show at that point, warm-ups, pep music, and training materials. This is critical for our success later on in the season. 

We also hold our summer practices—July Camps—where the woodwinds and brass learn our marching technique, begin memorizing the show, make changes and updates to the music as needed, and more. We get a really good idea of where the band is at, and because we design our own show, this is the time of the year where we make any necessary changes to the music to make ourselves even more successful. We depend on our summer practices for much of what we do—it creates a routine for success. Practice is where the habits of our success and excellence are made. 

At our camps, all the guard, drum line, and winds come together to being putting their piece of the puzzle together. For example, the guard begins learning work (how they spin their flags/rifles/sabres/choreography) to the music. The winds and drum line begin learning their specific parts, and all learn the drill (how and where each person stands on the field to create forms) for the show. We also go away to Band Camp because we have a great location that allows us to maximize out practice time and also bond and become a family. Band Camp is often a favorite part of a band member’s memories, and we will not have even performed a show yet! 

We end camp with a parent performance of our show, which is really our most important crowd! From here, we return home and begin our Tuesday and Thursday evening rehearsals when school begins. We are now ready for an amazing season of great performances and a ton of fun!

Pre-Season: Spring & Summer Training

Milford Marching Band

Milford, MI

 What Takes Place:


  • Tuesday & Thursdays, 5-9pm
  • Saturdays - before shows or 9am -pm on non-show weeks


  • Home Varsity Football Games
  • Pep Assemblies
  • Competitions- local invitationals, Field Day, and Bands Across The Valley & Huron Valley invitational (two invitationals that we host with Lakeland Marching Band)

After The Competitions End

  • Milford Holiday Parade (Saturday after Thanksgiving)
  • Pontiac Holiday Extravaganza Parade (first Saturday in December)
  • ​Band Banquet (a chance to celebrate, give out awards, and reflect on our accomplishments)