Fees and Payments

The costs for the Milford Marching Band are based on the following factors:

Marching Band Operation Expenses - All costs associated with show design, arrangement of music, props, equipment, show fees, circuit costs, trailer expenses, and all items necessary for the operation of the Marching Band.

Marching Band Staffing - All staffing is covered by the cost of this program as we are not funded for any coaches or instructors. We hire highly qualified, specialized instructors in woodwinds, brass, percussion, dance, and movement for the entire season. Considering that students are in approximately twenty hours of rehearsal each week, the fees are very reasonable and a great investment in the musical growth of your band member.

Band Camp at Camp Tamarack - 6 days and 5 nights - all meals, housing, staff costs, and operation fees for camp.

Planning for the 2017 Costs
For the 2015 season, we anticipate a total fee of $750.

The breakdown is roughly the following:
$300 - Band Camp
$400 - Design & Instruction Fee

$50  -  Uniform Usage Fee

Payment schedule and amounts are outlined in the Contract included in this PDF packet you should have received at the beginning of the band year.

**In addition to the fees stated above, each band member will need an Informal Uniform Polo Shirt. Once this shirt is purchased, as long as it still fits, no need to buy another one! They cost $28.

**Also, band members are required to wear specific shoes that are ordered for them by our Uniform Manager. Again, once the shoes are purchased, if the still fit, no need to buy another pair. They cost $40

Is it possible to earn a portion of full amount of the cost in credits/fundraising?
You can begin right away with Scrip, Concessions, and Kroger Community Rewards and Mixed Bags sale! There are many ways that you can earn a portion or all of your costs before your band member even reaches 9th grade! Some families have even started a “Go Fund Me” or done a neighborhood bottle drive to raise additional funds.


1. How is my Marching Band account created?
Once we receive your registration information and deposit, your account is created by our Treasurer.

2. How do I make a payment to my Marching Band account?
There are several ways:
a) Check payable to “Milford Band Parents”
b) Money order payable to “Milford Band Parents”

c) The Band Treasurer has a "Square" credit card processor
c) PayPal through our website (processing fee included)
Website: MilfordBandParents.com
***Please do not send cash
***Payment coupons are provided on the Forms page of this website.

3. Where do I send payments for my Marching Band account?
There are two ways:
a) Place your payment in the White Box, located in the Band Room just outside Ms. Sare’s office—by the American flag. This box is a secure drop-box.
b) Mail your payment to:
Milford Band Parents
P.O. Box 29
Milford, MI 48381

4. How do I know my payment was received?
Updated statements are e-mailed monthly.

Milford Marching Band

Milford, MI