2015 Marching Band Calendar

May 11 (Wednesday)                             Vets Only Music Rehearsal, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

May 18 (Wednesday)                             Vets Only Visual Rehearsal, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

May 21 (Saturday)                                 Vets Only Highland Parade, 10:00 am                     

May 30 (Monday)                                   Vets Only Memorial Day Parade, 11:00 am           

June 6 (Monday)                                    Spring Camp, 6 – 9 pm (MANDATORY PARENT MEETING 6 – 7 PM)

June 8 (Wednesday)                              Spring Camp, 6 – 9 pm          

July 12 (Tuesday)                                  July Camp, 2 – 9 pm

July 13 (Wednesday)                             July Camp, 2 – 9 pm

July 14 (Thursday)                                 July Camp, 2 – 9 pm

August 15 – 26 (M-f)                             Pre-Band Camp at MHS, M through F, 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm   

August 28 – Sept 2                                Band Camp at Camp Tamarack in Ortonville, MI

September 5 (Monday)                           Labor Day

September 6 (Tuesday)                          First Day of School, Full Day

September 6 (Tuesdays &Thursdays)      First regularly scheduled rehearsal, 5 – 9 pm – Continue through Nov. 5

September 9 (Friday)                             Football vs. Wayne Memorial, 7 pm (5:30 pm call)*

September 10 (Saturday)                       Field Day at West Bloomfield HS

September 16 (Friday)                           Football vs. Grand Blanc, 7 pm (5:30 pm call)*

September 17 (Saturday)                       Rehearsal at MHS

September 24 (Saturday)                       Rehearsal at MHS

October 1 (Saturday)                             Novi Invitational

October 7 (Friday)                                 Homecoming vs. Howell;  Parade at 4:15 pm, Game at 7:00 pm

October 8 (Saturday)                             Rehearsal 9 am – 12 pm (shortened for Homecoming)

October 15 (Saturday)                           Troy-Athens Invitational

October 21(Friday)                                 Football vs. Crossover, 7 pm 5:30 pm call)*

October 22 (Saturday)                           Bands Across the Valley Invitational (co-host with Lakeland, at Lakeland)

October 29 (Saturday)                           Huron Valley Invitational (co-host with Lakeland, at Lakeland)

November 5 (Saturday)                          State Championships, Ford Field, all day

November 24 (Thursday)                        Thanksgiving Day

November 26 (Saturday)                        Milford Christmas Parade, 10:00 am

December 3 (Saturday)                          Pontiac Holiday Extravaganza Parade, 11:00 am



Rehearsals will typically begin at 9 am, and we will rehearse, eat lunch and/or dinner, and travel to a competition.  Schedules for competitions are generally not known until one week ahead of time, so please be patient—Ms. Sare will send out a schedule as soon as it is available.  

All of the rehearsals of the Milford Marching Band are mandatory. Please make arrangements to be at all rehearsals. The following is the rehearsal schedule for the Marching Band and a sample itinerary for a Friday home football game and performance Saturday. Fall rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015.

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule
Tuesday 5 - 9 pm
Thursday 5 - 9 pm
Saturday Varies with show times

There will be occasional sectionals for all members of the band and guard, which will be determined during the fall and set by members of each section. These are set on rehearsal days (Eg. Trumpets on Thursdays from 4:15 - 4:45 pm).

Sample Friday Home Football Game Schedule
5:30 pm Report to the Band Room in full uniform
6:00 pm Review Pre-game on the rehearsal field (staff parking lot)
6:30 pm Begin the march to the Stadium
6:45 pm Pre-Game performance begins
7:00 pm Game begins. Students play pep tunes in the stands & perform at half-time.
9:30 pm Game ends. The band will play the Fight Song for the team and then march together back to the Band Room to be dismissed.

Sample Saturday Performance Schedule
9:00 am Rehearsal begins on the practice field
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Rehearsal
3:30 pm Load the trailer, eat dinner, change into uniforms
5:00 pm Load buses, depart for performance
6:00 pm Arrive at performance site
7:00 pm Warm Up
8:00 pm Perform
9:00 pm Awards
9:30 pm Depart for Milford HS
10:30 pm Return to Milford HS

Milford Marching Band 2015 Calendar and Sample Schedule

Milford Marching Band

Milford, MI