Milford Marching Band

Milford, MI

Band Camp 2017!

Band Camp will be held at Camp Tamarack in Ortonville, MI. The dates this year are Sunday, August 27th - Friday, September 1st. The full and complete band camp packet will be handed out on the first Monday of Pre-Camp, which will be August 14th.

If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Sare at (248) 684-8205 or by e-mail at

Going To and From Camp

Sunday, August 27 - we will all meet at Milford High School at 7:30 am. All of our luggage,

instruments, and equipment will be loaded on school buses and our equipment trailer.

Please note that a complete list of what you are able to take to camp will be in the

packet handed out during PreBand Camp. We will load the buses after all the

equipment has been checked and loaded and will travel to camp by school bus.

Wednesday August 30 - We will travel back to MHS via bus after a full day of practice. 

Plan on picking up your student around 9:00pm. Staff will be providing mass 

communication as to actual time on that evening.

Thursday August 31st and Friday September 1st - Continue band camp at MHS. Arrive at

MHS and ready to step off at 9:00am each morning. On September 1st, we will have

a picnic with parents invited and the band will perform for us.

Medical Form/Paper Work Important Reminder
Every student must have a current physical on file to participate—dated on or after April 15th, 2016. We also have an important medical form that will need to be filled out. This form includes information about any over-the-counter medicines your child may take, prescriptions that need to be administered,and the ability to seek medical care in case of emergency.

There will be several other permission slips and information slips due at this time, all of which will be handed out at the June camps. This paperwork needs to be turned in in a timely fashion as many companies from which we order require longer time periods to ship various items. 

Finally, because Band Camp is one of our largest expenses, it is important that Student Accounts be up to date—we count of the fees collected to pay for camp.

Band Camp at Camp Tamarack

Camp Tamarack is a private camp located in Ortonville, Michigan. Ortonville is about 45 minutes northeast of Highland, located near the Holly State Recreation Area. We go away to camp for two reasons—to get as much done as possible without the distractions of life and home and to bond and become a true family. Although the kids are housed in cabins and stay at camp overnight, their schedule is very well balanced between work and fun—we rehearse no more than ten hours a day, with an hour for every meal, and free time every afternoon.

Boys stay in cabins on one side of the lodge with dads as chaperones; girls stay in cabins on the other side of the lodge with moms as their chaperones. Shower and restroom facilities are separate for each.

At camp, students are provided three meals a day and evening snack. Students are not allowed to skip meals—they are expected to be in attendance at every meal, which chaperones will verify. We have our own staff and chaperones present at camp, and the camp provides additional staff as well for preparing and serving meals, supervising swimming and other recreational activities, etc. We also bring our own camp nurse for the entire week. We have water available to students for all outdoor practices, and we have a curfew for the students every night after evening activities conclude. We do not allow boys in girls’ rooms and vice versa. The only exception to this would be in case of inclement weather, when music sectionals may be moved inside cabins. In this case, a staff member would be present.

Camp Information:

Camp Tamarack
4361 Perryville Rd.
Ortonville, MI 48462
(248) 627-2821